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Introducing a New Way To Fundraise With iMSafe2

The main goal of any fundraising activity should be to maximize the communities efforts to support those people and causes you love the most.  At iMSafe2 we partner with Schools and Organizations across the country to do just that by providing the opportunities and tools to deliver the highest return on your fundraising efforts!

Fundraising With Heart

At the heart of iMSafe2's TRAK 100 product is giving parents, guardians and loved ones the ability to ensure their safety. 
That's an easy sell!

Maximum Return, Minimal Effort

Every purchase of a TRAK 100 device directly contributes $100 to your school or organizations fundraising activities.  That's a lot of Popcorn!


No Sign Up Fee, No On Going Costs, No Brainer!

Our no cost, no commitment signup is easy. You can register your school or organization in a few minutes. An iMSafe2 representative will work with you to setup your personal page.  Did Someone Say Free?


Driving Your Fundraising 24x7

Your audience is online and so is iMSafe2.  With a custom link your fundraising force can drive traffic to your dedicated site to drive fundraising profits. Complete with your information, secure eCommerce checkout, social media tools and success tracking. Browse, Click, Donate!

Tools and Help To Guarantee Your Success

When you partner with iMSafe2 we will create a personalized Fundraising Landing Page with your logo, colors and fundraising activities information.  We also provide fundraising reports, collateral and end user assistance...
at no cost!  
Sharpest Tools In The Fundraising Box!

Local Promotion and Incentives

iMSafe partners with local businesses in your community that want to give back and support your fundraising activities.  They offer incentives and free services to your donors help increase your donation profits.  We are Loco for Local (Promotions That Is)!

We Have Your Back

iMSafe2 has partnered with GuidePoint Systems to deliver state of the art safety and monitoring services to help drive your fundraising success.  At iMSafe2 we are here to work with you as your fundraising efforts grow and we guarantee to stand behind our products, services and your fundraising success. Who Loves Ya,  iMSafe2!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Purchasing a TRAK 100 device comes with 2 years of monitoring and access to online tools.  Additional purchases (think additional vehicles or drivers) would also contribute to your fundraising activities!  Win, Win, Win



How iMSafe2 Defines Fundraising

Definition of a  Win-Win [adjective]

1. Support your School or Organizations Fundraising 

2. Get Peace of Mind and Incredible Features!

Studies show that when communities support and contribute to local school activities the benefits are shared by everyone. Towards this goal we are here to make sure every dollar you contribute to the schools and organizations you love is maximized!

When you purchase a TRAK 100 subscription, not only are you getting the best vehicle safety tracking and monitoring technology on the market today, you are directly contributing a portion of the purchase cost to the school of your choice!

In addition, you get a monitoring subscription, using the Web Portal or Smart Apps, which is transferable to any car in your family.

Who Doesn't Love Pizza, Popcorn and Raffles?
Keeping your loved ones safe and protected.
Now That's A Treat!


Ready To Super Charge Your Fundraising

Are you ready to take your fundraising to the next level?  Fill out a short form telling us about your School or Organization and your fundraising goals.  An iMSafe2 representative will reach out to provide more information and help setup your iMSafe2 fundraising account.

It's free and easy to setup with no startup costs and no on going commitment, signup today!

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