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Get Peace of Mind While Showing Your Support!

At iMSafe2 we have two missions that we are equally passionate about!

Our First Mission is to be the best at delivering the most important services to our customers and families. Most importantly we provide the best capabilities and tools to ensure your family and loved ones are always safe and we make it possible to have peace of mind when they are away.

Our Second Mission, made possible by partnering with GuidePoint Systems and awesome Schools and Organizations across the country, is to provide innovative programs to deliver these services through fundraising opportunities.

We make it simple, schools and organizations signup to create fundraising goals for targeted activities such as supporting Sports Activities, the Arts or a community outreach programs.  You select the school or organization you love and support, purchase TRAK 100 and a portion goes directly to that organization supporting your student, the school and your community!  At iMSafe2 we call that a Win - Win!

This little Guy Makes It All Possible!

Meet the TRAK 100: This deceptively simple device, that is equally simple to install, plugs into your cars under-dash port (and yes most cars made after 1999 have one) and opens up a world of power to know when your family is safe and when they need assistance.

iMSafe2 Powered By GuidePoint Systems

In order to provide you with the most reliable and feature rich experience we have partnered with GuidePoint systems, the leader in vehicle tracking and safety monitoring.  Working with GuidePoint we are able to deliver the best technology, to help keep your family safe, while creating the best value by including a 3 year renewable plan with every purchase.

Guidepoint is a pioneer in vehicle Telematics. With a company owned and operated 24/7/365 response centers at the core providing assistance to our members. Ranked by Frost & Sullivan as the #1 aftermarket Telematics provider. Know every single detail about your car, all the time. Guidepoint's driver-based services platform for drivers and family members.

Guidepoint works through a state-of-the-art GPS device installed in your vehicle, allowing information to be sent back and forth between the vehicle and Guidepoint's 24/7 Response Center.


Where do I install the TRAK 100 OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) reader?

How do I locate my vehicle if my vehicle is stolen?

Does my car need to be running for TRAK 100 to work?

Get answers to these questions and more in our FAQ section.


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